Our motto is: learn something new, connect with people through experiences, explore new horizons!

Meet the team


Hana, Founder

Hana is as zesty and spunky as the cities she's lived in: Shanghai, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. From organizing tech conferences to building communities, Hana is all about bringing people together.
She's also created a community called the Berlin Experience makers in Berlin which aims to bring together the multifaceted creatives of Berlin with a focus on events, workshops, tours and dinners.
And voiláá, you have kind of, sort of met Hana.


Annalena, Social media & Content creator

Being quadrilingual, she is either comfortable speaking French, German, Italian or English or creative writing. She lived in Luxembourg and is projecting to realize her dream: a 6 month backpacking though South-East Asia. She is an absolut afficionado of Italian food! Don’t talk to her about it, you’re gonna be stuck!
Whether it’s organizing workshops, dealing with our clients on Social Media, or creating an editorial line for Travelogue: she's a real badass woman!


Antoine, Event manager

Our event manager has more than one trick up his sleeve. Being fast and organized is only one side of this Parisian ball of energy. He brings to life all unique and creative experiences that you can live through Travelogue's workshops. His special project is to bring together chefs from different countries during a month of workshops . Antoine’s dream is to travel across the African continent with a backpack.

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Milena, Photographer

She is edgy, talented, precise and also so much more. Milena our official photographer has an exquisite sense of detail and always manages to catch special moments and portrays our community like no other. Passionate about the boundary- breaking designers, musicians and artists of the Shanghai scene, she’s planning her next trip there.

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Johanna, Brand partnership manager

She’s the sunny energy of this office! Always in a good mood, Johanna is responsible for spreading the word about Travelogue and bringing new sponsors on board. She’ll be soon going to Japan to discover the food and design culture.


Léa, Sales & Event Manager

Léa moved to London where she stayed for 5 years and first worked in the tourism industry before joining a Canadian tech company as an Account Manager. She is now working as a Sales & Event talent.

In her free time she enjoys yoga, going to the cinema and cooking healthy food. She believes in the power of communities and plan her next trip in Auroville, India.