Our Mission

We offer you unique activities to discover a new culture and yourself. 

We associate retreats with slow travel:  unique trips where you take the time to live something out of the ordinary. Taking the time to impregnate ourselves with the surroundings, enjoying the given moment is our philosophy when it comes to exploring the globe. 

We carefully choose our partners and locations for each trip, and make sure we give back to the environment we are exploring. 

We are working with amazing talented photographers from Berlin, Basque country, South of France, US & Paris: Milena Zara, Meredith Bucher, Lemia Monet, Greg Underfly, Coline Marslen, Alexandre Tsim

Travelogue team took care of every detail from the very beginning to the very ending.
I was trying to achieve the value of each trip as much as I can but had no ideas on how to do this every time. Travelogue told me the answer: learn something new in each travel! Surfing was such a wonderful match with the Basque area and the skill will always stay with me even after a long time.
— Lily, China