Cancelation/refund policy: 
We refund you 70 % of the price if you decide to cancel a booked retreat within a month prior departure.

For an event you can cancel within two weeks prior the day of the event. We will not refund the price of the workshop after this date. 

When do I have to pay the full amount of a retreat/workshop? 

  • For retreat you have to pay the full amount within 45 days prior departure 
  • For workshop you have the pay the full amount as soon as you book


I have a really urgent question, how can I contact you? Send us an email to, we answer within the day


Is the airfare included in the price ?
One day when we will have our Travelogue airline, sure. But for now unfortunately, airfare is not included. The full price includes accommodation, transportation and all the the experiences there!

Is food also included in the package?
Food is everything right? So of course, it is included but there are a few exceptions in each trip which will be specified in the „NOT INCLUDED“ section of each retreat. 

How many people are usually participating to the retreats ?
The more the merrier! Jokes aside, a minimum of  6 to a maximum of 18 people: we still want to keep it intimate and cosy! 

Are airport transfers included in the price? 
Airport transfers are (almost) always included in the price but there are exceptions. Since participants come from all over the world it is sometimes difficult to set one fixed time to transfer our participants to the accommodation. Thus, we will notify you if this service is not provided.

Am I obligated to participate to every activity?
Let’s be clear: during a Travelogue retreat you are free as a bird. We want to provide as many fun and inspiring activities as possible but if something does not suit you for any reason you’re free to go and explore at your convenience.   

How did you find your partners for activities, house ? 
Every trip is a different journey but we choose our partners carefully and make sure they are passionate about the topic and want to share with you their knowledge and expertise.  

Do I need to subscribe to a travel insurance ?
We highly recommend you booking a travel insurance, simply for the case you get sick or lose your belongings during the trip. 

I’m interested, I want to book a retreat ? How can I do ? 
Easy peasy: click « Apply now » and we will get back to you in the day! We will reply to all of your questions and if you’re hooked, you just need to pay 30% of the amount as a deposit to save your spot for the fabulous adventure.


I’m interested, I want to book a workshop! How can I book ?  
You can book your spot online on our website with Paypal or credit card. 



Happy to hear from you! Contact us and we will reply within a day.