Discover Travelogue, the new Berliner startup that empowers women to combine travel and learning


Travelogue, a Berlin-based startup, addresses the solo women travelers market by offering workshops and retreats to discover new cultures all the while developing new skills, from surfing in Bali to pottery in Morocco.


BERLIN, March 22, 2018 - Travelogue dusts off group trips and traditional travel agencies, offering a new educational dimension during a trip.  This startup gives the opportunity to a community of female travelers to gather during an afternoon for a workshop or during a week for a retreat, to dive into a new culture and learn something new. Founded by Hana Ahriz, a 26-year-old Parisian, Travelogue’s motto is: “Meet. Learn. Explore”.


“When I moved back to Berlin, I wanted to experience the city in a different way: look for opportunities to meet like minded travelers and learn new skills. It began with casual gatherings to discuss travel around a coffee   and quickly evolved to the organization of curated workshops. My ultimate goal was to to share my way of traveling with the community: soak in a local culture and bring home the know-how’s I acquire abroad”, explains Hana Ahriz.


Retreats all over the world

Travelogue redefines retreats as a combination of slow traveling and learning. Hana Ahriz defines Travelogue’s retreats as “ an opportunity to explore places like you would never do with a traditional travel agency”. The start-up crafted its retreats around cultural-learning: artisanal crafts in Morocco, agritourism in Tuscany, surfing in the Basque Country, horse-riding in Provence, yoga in Bali...These retreats are the occasion to wander the world from a more local angle and cross path with people that share your passion and enthusiasm for travel.


Workshops in Berlin & Paris

In addition to the retreats abroad, during the “Travel In Your Own City” workshops, members of the Travelogue community meet on a Sunday afternoon or a Thursday evening to travel for a few hours without leaving the city. In Berliner or Parisian ateliers, participants will learn how to bake Neapolitan style pizza with an Italian chef or marble painting with Japanese artists. Travelogue’s goal is to unveil those hidden passions that everybody has but is not aware of, by meeting partners and experts that inspire. 


About Travelogue:

Travelogue was founded by Hana Ahriz, a Parisian who fell in love with Berlin and specialized in the organization of workshops and retreats, for passionate women who want to learn something new whether during an afternoon for a workshop or during a week for a retreat somewhere in the world. Founded in 2017, Travelogue already hosted 2 retreats and more than 15 workshops in Berlin.